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Ralf Holz

Ralf Holz


Phone: +49 (0)40.769999-15
Fax: +49 (0)40.769999-36

Ralf Holz was born in Hamburg on July 24th, 1964.

After finishing his school career he started to study finances at the advanced technical college for public administration in 1983, which he finished with the Master of fiscal affairs in 1986.

After this he completed his military service. Thereafter he started his study of law at the University of Hamburg, followed by the legal clerkship in Hamburg, Flensburg and Schleswig. He graduated with the second state exam in January 1997 and was called to the Bar at the District Court of Hamburg.

Mr. Holz is also authorized to the Higher Regional Hanseatic Court of Hamburg and he is associate of the co-partnership.

Main activities

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